Eid in the Park 2018

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Asalamualaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh,

We are pleased to announce that Al Furqan Islamic Centre will be hosting Eid at Platt Fields Park alongside Makki Masjid. In previous years it has been a huge success and this year we hope to raise the bar even higher. Come and join us in performing the outdoor Eid prayer according to the prophetic teachings. The day will begin with Eid Salah at 9 am sharp.

*please arrive early as the salah will begin on time. *

If it rains the salah will be held at the Platt Lane Sports Complex; further information regarding the salah will be posted on the following pages:

Live Website!!!




Please keep a look out on all the Eid In Manchester socials as any important updates will be posted on there.

The Salah will be followed by Eid celebrations for all to enjoy throughout the special day of Eid.
There will be a funfair with many exciting rides and various other activities taking place

We warmly welcome all members of our community, Muslim and Non-Muslim in one place as one community celebrating one Eid.

Best wishes,

Al-Furqan Islamic Centre & Makki Masjid


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    please confirm me the day of your start date

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